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Drawing and painting for animation

May 6, 2018 11:01 am

Recently, I discovered some nice artists who make courses and books focusing on animation:

* Aaron Blaise, formerly at Disney, worked on Brother Bear, Pocahontas and Aladdin (he designed the tiger Rajah). He's making courses on animal anatomy (horse, bear, large cats), and also a course on human anatomy. His character design and character animation courses are awesome.

* Sheldon Borenstein, former instructor at Warner Bros, is making some neat drawing and painting courses. His approach is structural, much like Glenn Vilppu who was instructor at Disney. Sheldon's painterly style is impressionistic, but in my opinion it could apply well to environment painting.

* Gottfried Bammes was professor of anatomy at Dresden School of Art. He is my drawing hero, the best structural anatomist with Die Gestalt des Menschen (Human Anatomy) and Grosse Tieranatomie (Animal Anatomy). There are some older drawing manuals by Bammes, but they are not as good as the large anatomies.

* George Bridgman is applicable to animation and games, because he breaks up the complex body forms into simple volumes. Bridgman is often compared to Hogarth and Loomis. As an interesting titbit of information, the first chapter of Die Gestalt des Menschen makes a scalding critique of Hogarth and Loomis because they are drawing "heroic figures of muscles, and not real men." However, Bammes doesn't say anything bad about Bridgman. I take it that Bammes approves of Bridgman.

* J.J. Park and Matthew Zikry have created a concept art curriculum on Gumroad. Also worthwhile are Park's digital painting lessons. There are many famous concept artists who are doing tutorials this way, but some of the finest ones are A.Eftekhari, E.Zana, J.Paick, R.Lacoste and R.Lang.

* Stan Prokopenko focuses narrowly on human anatomy. He's the best at it, who still draws breath.

* James Gurney, author of Imaginative Realism and Dinotopia, makes Gumroad tutorials. A thing about Gurney is that he is obsessed with gadgets. His plein-air setup has all the perks and features, and magnets, the only thing lacking is a steam engine. Compare that to Glenn Villpu who paints using a set of 6 colours in a mint box.

Experimenting with conté and watercolour

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March 25, 2018 2:14 pm

There was a samurai in Japan who never cut his hair. He never shaved his beard, never washed his body, never married, never had children. He never lost a duel, and just the smell of him could kill a weak enemy.

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