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Building Assets

April 20, 2024 10:12 am

I’m vectorizing some of my concept art using an isometric grid in Adobe Illustrator. There will be shading and colour too, this is just the shapes.

The first building is a graveyard and chapel, the name of this building is “Fear of Mortality”. Some of the crosses have a circle around them, they represent Bogomil graves.

Fear of Mortality

The second building represents “Dream of Adventure”, it is an airport where the airplanes are birds. There is also an oriental dragon entwined around the control tower.

Dream of Adventure

The final building has been constructed upside-down because of a bureaucratic error; The construction also seems to never have been completed. This represents the “Folly of Bureaucracy”.

Folly of Bureaucracy

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Atanas Laskov 🏳️‍🌈