Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CaiAgentAbstract base class for AI agents
 CaiAgentStateSingle state of the AI-controlled creature
 CaiControllerClass aiController is an abstract class for behaviours which can be performed by objects
 CaiMobStateCreature state adds appropriate percept handles to aiAgent
 CaiMobState_CrawlCrawling creature behaviour
 CaiMobState_FlyerFlying creature behaviour
 CaiMobState_LavaJumperLava-jumper creature behaviour
 CaiMobState_RambleRamble state
 CaiMobState_TerritorialTerritiorial state
 CaiNPCState_ApproachActive (interactive) object
 CaiNPCState_DialogDialog-with-player state
 CaiState_AutoPlayer_HoverAuto play state
 CfxMessagesAnimated Text Effect
 CJR_ObjectsLevel objects to be created during the Loading stage
 ClaActiveObjectObject that can be activated by the player
 ClaAnimatedModelAnimated 3D Model
 ClaClassFactoryNamed class factory
 ClaCollectableCollectable Level Object
 ClaColliderCollision Detection and Response
 ClaCollisionDomainCollision Domain
 ClaCreatureSheetFighting RPG Properties
 ClaElementBase Class for Tileset Elements
 ClaEnvironmentEngine abstract OS environment
 ClaErrorError handling class
 ClaFace3D Geometry Face
 ClaFileParserFile Parser
 ClaFinalLevel finsihing point collectable
 ClaFontFont and Text Drawing
 ClaGameCollection of laStage objects
 ClaGatewayGateway Level Object
 ClaLevel: JR Level
 ClaLine22D line segment
 ClaLine33D line segment
 ClaLitterBox"Litter Box" Background
 ClaLitterPools"Litter pools" to be used for populating laLitterBox
 ClaLoadableObjInterface for loadable objects
 ClaModelAbstract Interface for 3D Models
 ClaModelHookAttachment of weapon or item
 ClaMonsterAdds capabilities and percepts specific to monster creatures
 ClaMovingCreatureMoving Creature
 ClaMultiKeyHandling Multiple Key Presses
 ClaNamedClassNamed class
 ClaNPCDialogDialog for interacting with non-player characters
 ClaObjectBase Class for Level Objects
 ClaOutlineObject outline properties
 ClaPhForce: Force Simulation
 ClaPivotDynamic Object Pivot
 ClaPlane33D plane
 ClaPlayerPlayable Character
 ClaPoint22D Point
 ClaProgressiveTaskProgressive Task
 ClaRect22D rectangle (used by the GUI and also as a simple tool for proximity testing)
 ClaRendererVirtual interface for the Engine graphics renderer
 ClaSegmentTerrain Semgnet
 ClaSettingsGame Settings
 ClaSkySky Background Effect
 ClaSoundSound Class
 ClaStageBase Class for Stages
 ClaStateObjectMulti-state Level Object
 ClaStaticModelStatic 3D Model
 ClaSystemIntegratorEngine Sub-systems Integrator
 ClaTexture2D Texture
 ClaTextureParamsTexture creation parameters used by laTexture
 ClaThreadEngine multi-threading class
 ClaTileLevel Terrain Building-block
 ClaTilesetTileset Class
 ClaTimeTrigTime-triggered events
 ClaTriangle33D triangle face NOTE: This class has not been tested (NT)
 CrpgAttackAttack RPG Properties
 CrpgPotionPotion RPG Properties
 CrpgProjectileProjectile RPG Properties
 CrpgSheetAbstract RPG Properties Sheet
 CrpgSheet_AcrobateAcrobatics RPG Properties
 CrpgSheet_PlayableCharPlayer RPG Properties
 CrpgTrapTrap Properties
 CstageEditLevel Editor Stage
 CstageJRGameJR Gameplay Stage
 CstageJRMenuMain Menu Stage
 CstageLoadLevel Loading Stage
 CuiButtonGUI Push-button
 CuiChoiceDialogOk/Cancel Dialog
 CuiContainerGUI Container Window
 CuiDesktopGUI Topmost Window
 CuiDesktop_IntroLevel Intro/Outro Stage
 CuiEditGUI Editbox
 CuiFileDialogFile Selection Dialog
 CuiHRHorisontal divider line
 CuiIcon3DGUI icon object that can siplay 3D models as icons
 CuiIconDescriptor3DAbstract interface for icon descriptors; to be used in class uiIcon3D
 CuiInventoryItem inventory
 CuiLabelText Label
 CuiMenu_JRJR Main Menu, and in-game Menu
 CuiPointerGUI Mouse Pointer
 CuiProgressGUI Progress Bar
 CuiRadioGUI Radio-button Group
 CuiSkinGUI Skin
 CuiSkinParameterA single parameter for class uiSkin
 CuiSkinUserGUI Skin User
 CuiSliderGUI Slider
 CuiSlidingButtonSliding button used by uiSlider
 CuiWatchWatch Debug Window
 CuiWatch_entrySingle watch entry in uiWatch
 CuiWeaponDescriptorIcon descriptor
 CuiWindowBase class for GUI windows