laEnvironment Class Referenceabstract

Engine abstract OS environment. More...

#include <laEnvironment.h>

Public Member Functions

 laEnvironment (char *strOS)
 Constructor only sets OS name, and specific work is in children.
virtual int loop ()=0
virtual void discard ()=0
virtual void terminate ()=0
 Terminate application.
char * getOSName ()
 Get OS name.
laTimer * getTimer ()
 Get inegrated timer.
Multi-threading support
virtual void thread (laThread *pThread)=0
 Create new thread object.
virtual void wait (unsigned long nMSec)=0
 Suspend current thread.
Get/Set application title
virtual void getTitle (char *str)=0
virtual void setTitle (char *str)=0
Text message output
virtual void message (M_BOOL bSilent, const char *strText,...)=0
 Display message box.
virtual void mlog (char *location, const char *strText,...)=0
 Print message to the log file.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void create ()=0
 Create OS environment.
void printWelcome ()
 Print initial message to the log file.

Protected Attributes

char _strOS [128]
 Text identifier of the actual operating system.
class laTimer * _pTimer
 Timer integrated in the OS message loop and used throughout the system.


class laSystemIntegrator
 Only laSystemIntegrator can access create() and other private data.

Detailed Description

Engine abstract OS environment.

Atanas Laskov

Definition at line 50 of file laEnvironment.h.

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