Jump'n'Run Game Engine @ Atanas Laskov

This is the Doxigen documentation and source-code for the JNR game engine. The things I've implemented in JNR:

  • Agent model for monster AI,
  • Level representation suitable for action-adventure games,
  • Extracting 2D cross-section from 3D geometry,
  • Collision detection with line segments,
  • Twisting the level in 3D,
  • Rendering animated 3D models (with morph targets, not skeletal),
  • Smooth interpolation between character states (walk,jump,attack),
  • Particle effects for fire, smoke, glow.

Some videos of the engine here: http://www.atanaslaskov.com#engine

The source code of JNR is under the 2-clause BSD license. There are a few bits I haven't published,
either because they're in need of rewritting or because they are not interesting.

Subsystems of the engine:

  • AI - Agent model for creature artificial intelligence
  • Core - Core of the engine (rendering, animation, collision detection, levels)
  • GUI - Graphic user interface library
  • RPG - Role-play system ( battles with monsters ! )