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New Rig

July 19, 2021 12:04 pm

And this is da new pc. Just plugged in 1TB hdd from my old laptop, and there is also new 1TB ssd for windows and apps. Had to settle for Ryzen 3200G with integrated Radeon. This will look more impressive when I find the money for GeForce RTX, or rob a bank, as now it’s hard to buy graphics cards.

Prison Citadel

June 11, 2021 9:26 am

Here’s this little guy, sitting in a cage which can be lowered drown into the monster pit. This idea of “Prison Citadel” started as black & white ink drawing with Sakura Graphic liners; The next step was painting the watercolour on top of it, which was a very loose watercolour. After it was dry, I added more vibrant colour and small details with pastel, scattered throughout the painting.

Bringing it all into Photoshop, I made the decision to pull out white highlights to give the finished painting a graphical look.

Prison Citadel Art Print
Purchase “Prison Citadel” (8 x 10 inch), £10

To show a little bit of my process, here you can see the black & white version before painting…

Below is the graphite sketch to establish my perspective drawing. I’m usually working in orthographic perspective, rather than “1st person” type of perspective. This is similar view to classical 2D games, like for example Icewind Dale and Diablo, where the player looks “from above” the game map.

And here are some various other sketches that I’m doing in the summer! These are just as a painting exercise, not related to the prison citadel.

Red And Black Animated Film

May 3, 2021 9:14 am

A ghost wakes up in the underground kingdom of Quimbanda. He traverses the underworld and is introduced to the spirits Pomba Gira and Exu, learning their ritual colours – Red and Black.

I animated this in Maya with final compositing in After Effects.

Here are some renders for my animation project, using the Hardware Renderer 2.0 cuz Arnold is too heavy for my laptop:

Weeping AngelBoat ArrivalGate OpensExus Cave

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